Welcome to John Shoots Film – It’s your blog

leica-m4-2-1John Shoots Film is a blog about photography, particularly film photography and the wonderful and timeless machines used for decades to capture some of the most iconic images in history and images in your own backyard.

As the blog evolves, it’ll be filled with how-to’s, gear reviews, and busines advice. It’ll be loaded with relatable content for film lovers and film shooters alike. Guest columnists and links to other informative and wonderful information will also be the norm at John Shoots Film.

I have a passion for photography, a love for creating an image, preserving a moment, capturing a memory in midair. It’s a stunning and beautiful thing to be able to do, and I am blessed for the ability.

It’s an interactive site as well. One where comments, suggestions, submissions and input from you, fellow photography lovers, is encouraged. It’s a site where we all learn together, grow together, become better photographers together.

I am a photographer, a freezer of time — this is not only what I do, it’s what I am.



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